Imago relationship therapy is a dialogue technique that transforms the way partners communicate and relate to each other. The Imago process requires couples to stretch into each others’ world, to hear and to understand what each other thinks and feels. In committing to the Imago process, couples experience a deep connection, empathy and healing with each other which takes their relationship to an elevated and beautiful place.

As an Imago practitioner, I facilitate the connection between a couple. I promote honest and safe conversations between you and your partner, holding you carefully in the safety of the dialogue structure. I have a strong connection to Imago therapy, the approach lends itself well to my nurturing instinct. I consider Imago to be a great companion to the person-centred approach and I love to combine them, giving clients a truly holistic experience.

My aim for couples, is for Imago to become part of your lives; for you to feel confident to use it regularly in your relationship beyond therapy.

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